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How to eat Omakase

How to eat Omakase

First Omakase experience? Some tips for your maiden experience!

    • • Since Omakase means leaving the meal entirely to the hands of the chef, the chef usually has the final say in the menu. Unless absolutely necessary, you should avoid telling the chef to alter his or her recipe, which includes adding more or less wasabi and soy sauce to meet your tastes.


    • • Make a reservation and be punctual. A basic courtesy respect to the chef who is waiting for you earnestly. Avoid no show. If you can’t make it, please inform the restaurant in advance.


    • Do not wear heavy perfume/cologne, resulting in the scent and flavour of fish be disrupted. As our restaurant is on the smaller side, your scent might ruin the experience of other diners.


    • Wipe your hands before eating with the warm, damp towel provided.


    • Try eating nigiri in one bite with your hands or chopsticks, this ensures that you’ll get to enjoy the perfect harmony of fish, rice, and wasabi. It’s considered rude to eat sushi in multiple bites.


    • Avoid putting wasabi directly into your soy sauce.The sushi chef has already placed the proper amount of wasabi for the fish in nigiri.


    • Do dip your nigiri into soy sauce fish-side down— otherwise, the rice may fall apart.


    • Enjoy the pickled ginger as a palate cleanser.Eat it between different kinds of nigiri. Don’t eat the ginger in the same bite as nigiri.


    • Do not ask where or how a chef trained. Don’t assume because the chef isn’t Japanese they don’t know sushi. No one would ask that in a French or Italian restaurant.


    • Buy the chef a drink.Any time you like you can offer them whisky, beer, wine, or sake. It’s a way to show appreciation and build rapport. Don’t try and make the chef drunk! A couple glasses are fine.


    • Don’t rub your chopsticks together.It’s considered an insult, suggesting the quality of the chopsticks is poor.


    • Do appreciate the rice.The rice is not just your ordinary rice. It is specially prepared to whet your appetite.


    • Talk to our chefs! You might get to know something you never knew.


Omakase offers a unique dining experience that transcends all other restaurant services in ambiance, food, and chef and customer interactions. If you haven’t made your reservation at Mizuya, do so now! You won’t be disappointed.