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The Restaurant

Mizuya水屋 is create by Chef Kennie Khoo the owner of the restaurant is an authentic Japanese omakase restaurant since start in 2019 at Cavan rd. Chef Kennie spend over 25 years in Japanese cuisine.Chef Kennie open another outlet at Tras link orchid hotel in 2021. we serves high-quality ingredients imported fresh from various fish market 4 times a week across Japan.

What we do

The Team


Chef Kenny is the head chef and owner of Mizuya (水屋). His culinary experience was built up in working with various renowned Japanese restaurants at a young age where he gained expertise and a keen passion for crafting the art of Japanese cuisine.

Chef Kenny works his magic through creativity and endless possibilities. At Mizuya, Chef Kenny only brings the best quality ingredients to the table. Guests love coming back for more for his creativity in his seasonal omakase courses.

With his exceptional knowledge of pairing whisky with Japanese food, he can recommend the perfect pairing of whisky and the type of meat to bring out its inner true flavour.

Chef Kenny delivers an entertaining yet intimate sushi experience in the heart of Jalan Besar. Be amazed at what he has in store for you.


If you have come in the doors of Mizuya and met a petite lady with a bright smile that made you feel welcome, that would be our Operations Manager, Kris Chen. She’s no stranger to any cuisine as she is always engaging with our guests, making them feel they are at home and ensuring their meal is as good as it should be.

She believes in delivering stellar service and when guests are happy, the team at Mizuya is happy as well, creating a jovial atmosphere.









Excellent food and very personalized service

Alan Teo


Wonderful ambience, just like fine dining with reasonable price where food is personally served by the chef himself and near to perfect service by their lovely staffs!! Dine in to believe!!

Ashley Poh


The place is cozy and the staff / Chef is ever pleasing. Definitely worth many returned . 好吃😋




lei Yuki


There is no greater joy than to feast with food made with dedication. The freshness of the ingredients, the effort put in is unraveled at Mizuya. Cosy ambience and great service! Highly recommended if you are looking for great quality.

Chinhui Tan